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Still Doing Well After Effexor Withdrawal

Mar 16, 2014 - 1 comments

It is now six months since I stopped my Effexor.  I have a few ups and downs, which is expected, but I am feeling really well now.  I am very active and going out a lot.  I walk nearly every day and love being in the fresh air.  Weather warming up in the UK so loving to hear the birds singing and seeing the spring flowers blooming.

I am 73 years old, and do get aches and pains with my arthritis, but it will not stop me from my activities.  When I look back to how depressed I was, I cannot believe it.  That is past, and I try so hard to look forward.  I have two really good friends who I see a lot, and a lovely family.  I know I am loved and it means a great deal to me.  If I can now drift along in my old age without any stress, I will be fine.  

Recently I had a fall, not serious, but it shook me up.  I did feel a bit anxious and low for a while after.  Yesterday I had a great day out with a dear friend.  We took three buses to a lovely little town on the coast.  I love where I live on the south coast of England, and there are buses (which are free for older folk) to some beautiful places.  I have also booked so coach trips out to flower show and a donkey sanctuary.

I got a bit stressed when my daughter put my name down for a TV quiz show and we auditioned.  Not sure I could actually film the real show.  

I consider myself so lucky  that after over 20 years of being on anti depressants, and am completely drug free and enjoying life to the full.

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by mandy876, Mar 20, 2014
i am so proud  of you  i hope someay soon i will feel the same way.  i am doing fine.  no problems.  we have not gott out much.  hope to goto the coast somtime hopefully soon.  my favorite.  take care  itwas good to near you are doingg good.  charlene

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