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May 07, 2008 - 2 comments

Dear Jesus,
                     Thank u so much 4 what u have done and do my goodness i dont want to imagine life without u thank u 4 the sleep last nite oh how u knew i needed it prayers are wonderful ! I love you!

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by Brrrrad, May 10, 2008
I just thought i would agree w/ you today. He first saved my soul in 1997 and has been saving my life ever since.
He is ALWAYS there for me ,going before me to protect and watch over me.(if i would only let him!) i heard a pastor say once    "That the worst days i ever had are the days i NEVER had"  So when my mind gets me "crazy" i kinda think of that and KNOW he`s in control. I`m glad all went good in the hosp.   GBU    Jesus is the man   brad

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by BOLD FOR JESUS, May 10, 2008
gosh im glad ur getting better im so tender hearted i cant even kill a spider without crying now since im saved although im scared of them ! I know u will be fine jesus is so close to broken-hearted he is so good to me i love him over n over like the ocean that never ends! jesus [pls b with brad u know what he is goin thru cause ur right here!luv addie

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