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**** night

Jul 05, 2009 - 1 comments








Got no reason for still being awake at 7am. Infact I wish I had been asleep so then I could spend more time with my partner when hes awake and not at work

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by summer_f, Jul 07, 2009
I have insomnia too and I have taken sleep medication it worked for the first tree nights but now it's worn off
I stopped using them since they have no effect on me. It's most annoying to be awake until early hours of the morning
And right when daybreak hits my eye lids are most heaviest and I fall asleep. I try to stay awake thinking that I could change the cycle, But its hard and does not seem to work because then I fall asleep during the day.

I tried excercise once, I was up until 6:30am and just hit the gym .... that became a problem, since my partner thought that I was sneaking out when he was still asleep. Now I have nothing but sit around and be frustrated and sleep deprived
I feel like a night walker

Have you found a method that works for you or are you sl

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