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Jul 06, 2009 - 1 comments










Well another day begins......what does this day hold for me?? I have sum financial issues to get sorted out, which I will have the time to go see about tmrw morn as if I dont they will only be in the back of my mind & cause me to worry when lyin in bed at nite. Im still feelin the loneliness, although I had a busy wknd sumtimes once Im back in my flat alone it can be hard. I have my appt on wed to go talk to sum1. I have also got in touch wi sum old friends & am hopin to meet up with them soon. I also have to start thinkin about wether Im gona take up this college place at end of August or look for full time employment as Im really strugln on a part time job and trying to keep up with all my bills, rent, etc
I think thats what makes it hard 4 me2 - am constantly counting the pennies & jugglin money. I know money doesnt necessarily bring me happiness, but it sure does help. I had a good job throoughout my addicition but when I made the decision to clean up (which took almost 3yrs off & on) I stopped working full time (though I did sum work off&on) as I needed to concentrate on me and my recovery.
I sumtimes dont know what Im tryin to say but its nice to be able to pour my heart out on here.

Off for a long bath then get ready for work gona listen to sum tunes as that always cheers me up. xx

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by lesleyf79, Jul 06, 2009
hiya ;) :)!!!!! the lonliness is a killer alrigh teven in a house fullof people you can still be lonely,,, great to see you getting in touch with some old friends thats a really brave thing to do,,after denyin yourself company and freindship for a long time it can be quite hard to get back into it again,,also talkin to someone can be great,,, the feeling of not being alone is a very powerfull one,,, and hey some one understands me!!!!!!! only you can decide what you want to do with your life RE school vs job and i hope it alll works out for you,,, have you tried evening classes?????

hope your doin a bit better next time im on xxxxx lesleyf79xxxxxxx

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