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dear god

Jul 06, 2009 - 23 comments

dear god, hope you got the letter and
i pray that you can make it better down here
i don't mean a big reduction in the price of beer
but all the people you made in your image
see them starving on the street
'cause they don't get enough to eat from god

dear god, sorry to disturb you but
i feel that i should be heard loud and clear
we all need a big reduction in amount of tears
and all the people that you made in your image
see them fighting in the street
'cause they can't make opinions meet about god

did you make disease and the diamond blue?
did you make mankind after we made you?
and the devil too?

dear god, don't know if you noticed but
your nake is on a lot of quotes in this book
us crazy humans wrote it
you should take a look

and all the people that you made in your image
still believe this junk is true
welll i know it ain't and so do you

i won't believe in heaven and hell
no saints and sinners no devil as well
no pearly gates no thorny crown
you're always letting us humans down
the wars you bring the babes you drown
those lost at sea and never found
and it's the same the whole world 'round
the hurt i see helps to compound
that father son and holy ghost
is just somebody's unholy hoax
and if you're up there you'd percieve
that my heart's here upon my sleeve
if there's one thing i don't believe in
it's you.  dear god

this was not written by me. i just find it intriguing.
if anyone would like to know the source, please let me know.
this is not made to offend anyone, and if your faith in god is strong, it shouldn't even phase you.
i just enjoy things that make me think.

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by boldsojah4christ, Jul 16, 2009

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by HelpinUtah, Jul 16, 2009
Very interesting.  I agree if someone's faith is strong it should not effect them in any way.  

For me, those things that happen in this life are things we do to each other and that God does not interfere with our free agency to do so.  But, I also believe that adversity does make us stronger and helps us grow to become more teachable and humble.  

I know there are so many horrible things in this world that I cannot comprehend, but I'm thankful God is my rock and helps me through the craziness.


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by sway1, Jul 16, 2009
thank you for your openminded kindness janet. keep the faith. in the worst of times, that's all we have if we are lucky enough to have it at all. this is a scary unfeeling age in alot of ways. cynicism abounds and i fear for our youth. blessed be, christine

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by HelpinUtah, Jul 16, 2009
I believe there is no reason for people to fight over what they do or don't believe in.  We are free to choose what to believe in and to me that's the best thing in the world!  I believe the problems we face in this world are because people refuse to respect each other for their beliefs.  If we could all learn to get along - how much happier we would all be!  :)  
I appreciate you being respectful to others and their beliefs too - even though so often we can disagree on many ideologies - for the most part we all believe in the basics - loving each other, be respectful, and looking out for each other with compassion and kindness!  
Have a great day!

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by lonewolf07, Jul 16, 2009
It reminds me of the lyrics to a Johnny Cash song but I can't remember which one   = (  It did make me think and I'll probably keep thinking.

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by jimi1822, Jul 16, 2009

         I remember this song from the 80's, Everybody is entitled to their opinion I think the greatest gift GOD gave
         us is Free Will, Freedom is a gift but its certainly not free. We have the GOD given choice to Encourage, Respect,
         Share, Care, and Illuminate GOD's Love.... and at times we have to fight the Good fight for it!!! And Never, Never,
         Never, give up!!!! Good Can and will Prevail. We learn  this everyday through life's experiences. Its so easy
         to blame our parents because we make some bad decisions. So of course some of us choose to blame GOD its
         so much easier than taken responsibility for our own actions. There's an Old Saying, and its So True "There aren't
         many atheist's in fox hole's" In fact I don't think there are any! Thank You for posting this Sway, as it is thought
         provoking and certainly should be open for a healthy discussion. I think Albert Einstein said it best "Humanity
         has every reason to place the proclaimers of high moral standards and values above the discoveries of objective
         truth. What humanity owes to personalities like Buddha, Moses, and Jesus ranks for me higher than all the
         achievements of the inquiring mind." and "There are two ways to live: as if nothing is a miracle, or As If Everything
         Is A Miracle." When everything is a Miracle, you stop to appreciate even the smallest of beautiful things in this
         world. Thinking this way should enable you to have a productive and happy life filled with Faith to jump over any
         hurdle, Wisdom to know how to avoid or navigate around any obstacle, and Strength Courage and Determination
         to Persevere even if there is a wall you can Break Through It!!! and come out stronger and Better with a GOD Given
         Spirit That fears nothing!!!!

                                                                                                             much Love, much prayer, much light....

                                                                                                                                            <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3

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by jollyman069, Jul 16, 2009
Amen ..little wing

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by sway1, Jul 16, 2009
well said, well said. yes it is a song from the 80's. i posted this weeks ago. i wonder why all of the sudden all the comments come. alot of threads are like that. i wonder how the person fared who was on mothballs. that has stayed in the back of my mind ever since i read it. you always help me remember magic is alive and well. thank you for that. blessed be. sway

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by peggy64, Jul 16, 2009
Do you have kids? If so, are they old enough to be rebellious yet? If they are grown you can't force them. We as parents want the best for our children. It breaks our hearts when they make the wrong one, and then they have to live with the consequences. Its the same with adult children, they do things, then want to blame their parents. They are now grown, the choice is theirs.

      It is the same thing with God. He made us, and then we choose whether we are going to be rebellious or not. I would love if my kids made the right decisions and choose the right paths every time, but I can't force them. They have free will.  God gave us free will.

God gets blamed for so many things that are not His doing. Remember, He created a perfect world. Man messed it up, and God is still being blamed for it.

I know what you mean about how do these things happen. It can make  you question, but it is not God. God made this world perfect. Man is the one that messed it up. These people are starving and drugs going on and other things....they were brought about by man bringing sin into the world. They continue because of the evil one in the world and mans giving in to temptation.

I know each is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that. This is what I believe.

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by sway1, Jul 16, 2009
i am a grandma 3 times over. one daughter a maiden, one a mother, making me the crone. and it is my honor to be. plus we wiccans love it when things happen in 3's. hold fast to your beliefs. you are blessed to have them. peace, sway

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by jimi1822, Jul 16, 2009
                                                                you're just sinners
                                                                I am told
                                                                I'll be your fire when you're cold
                                                                I'll make u happy when you're sad
                                                                I'll make you Good when u r bad
                                                                I am not a human
                                                                I am a dove
                                                                I am your conscious
                                                                I am Love....
                                                                All I really need is 2 know that
                                                                u Believe....

                                                                                                       much Love, much prayers, much light....

                                                                                                                                 <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3

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by sway1, Jul 16, 2009
so sweet, reminds me of...i am the way
                                      i am the light
                                      i am the dark inside the night
                                      i hear your hopes
                                      i hear your dreams
                                      and in the dark i hear your screams
                                      don't turn away
                                      just take my hand
                                      and when you make your final stand
                                      i'll be right there
                                      i'll never leave
                                      all i ask of you
                                      is believe               there is much more to this one. it gives me goosebumps. thanks for the light, love and prayers.

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by boldsojah4christ, Jul 16, 2009
Amen! Great post especially when we can all come together AS ONE!! Despite our different backgrounds!! Love is what it comes down to!!! God bless!! Shannon:

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by jimi1822, Jul 16, 2009
Thank You My Dear Sister in Love. prayer and light.... when you get a chance can you write down the rest of your beautiful
poem. The lyrics I left are by prince from the song "I would die 4 u" great lyrics to a great song....

                                                    GOD is all Love. GOD is all light....
                                                    GOD is all beauty that comes from within....
                                                    GOD is everything Truth, peace, and light....
                                                    Bliss in infinite measure. He is with form....
                                                    He is without form....
                                                    If you experience GOD as peace, then you will say GOD is peace....
                                                    If you experience GOD as light, then you will say GOD is light....
                                                    If you experience GOD as Love, then you will say GOD is LOVE.....

                                                                                                                           ~ Sri Chimnoy, Indian spiritual
                                                                                                                              teacher and philosopher.
                                                                                                                                      (1931 -2007)

                                                                                                        were all children of the same GOD....

                                                                                                                    <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3

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by corey411, Jul 16, 2009
Sarah Mclachlin sang this while she was trying to help starving children. I believe the song was some kind of fundraiser.

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jul 16, 2009
Which song Corey? =0)

452063 tn?1324074916
by corey411, Jul 16, 2009
Dear God Lyrics. Think it was about her losing her faith when she was witnessing so many people suffering.I think in the song that she believes in God as she is talking to him but is expressing her anger and grief about suffering and some of the beliefs that organized religion's hold.

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jul 16, 2009
I'm so sorry :o( its late and wasn't thinking. The song the journal is titled after.

                                                                                                   much Love, much peace, much light....
                                                                                                   your All In My Prayers Tonight....

                                                                                                                          <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3

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by sway1, Jul 17, 2009
i will post "believe" in it's entirety as another journal entry as this thread is getting rather long. it is lyrics written by the brothers oliva of who only one still lives. when you write something so powerful, i guess you live on, eh?

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jul 17, 2009
For Eternity..... =0)

736475 tn?1281259327
by sway1, Jul 17, 2009
i posted a new journal w/ the whole thing plus an extra unofficial verse. these are the guys who formed the trans-siberian orchestra if that rings any bells. not bad for starting out as an 80's hair band. peace

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jul 17, 2009
I think I remember them.

                               Love, peace, and light....

                                                                just jimi with an i (little wing =0)

736475 tn?1281259327
by sway1, Jul 17, 2009

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