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July 6, 09 Eve of the Biopsy

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Abdominal CT scan

9:40 PM: Was having pain Sunday and Monday. Went to ER at suggestion of GI. Had a wonderful blend of lemon Crystal Light and Barium. Kak! Had to drink two huge glasses in 2 hours, then have another gag inducing cup in the CT room; later to be followed by many visits to the ladie's room. Then into CT for a look at organs from the pancreas to ovaries and everything in between. No bleeding, no enlarged liver, no gallstone, kidneys were fine, etc, etc...  They're sending all results to GI and PCP. All cbc, enzymes, everything normal except one slightly elevated pancreatic enzyme, lypase (sp.?). Could indicate the beginning of gallblader problem, they say. Came home after 9 hours in ER with Vicodin (because, ER Dr says, ast/alt normal), and instructions to follow up in 24 hours if not better.

This morning I woke up feeling just fine~~sans Vicodin. Went to pelvic ultrasound this afternoon for the pain in LLQ. Results to be sent to my PCP. Tomorrow I drop my lil guy off at a friend's house, and hubby will take me to have the biopsy. Have to be there at 8:30 AM. Outpatient, but I have to wait four (4) hours before I can be discharged, so they can monitor for bleeding.

Going to have to go to bed soon, I'm one of those 10-12 hour sleepers...and don't even try to talk to me before my second cup of coffee, which, I now realize I can't have tomorrow. I have to be fasting. Yippee!!!  :|  If I go to bed RIGHT NOW I'll get 8 hrs. I know, I know, whine over 8 hrs of sleep. I can hear it now. But I swear, it's the meds I take at night that do it to me. Speaking of which, please excuse me a moment. ha.

OK, yeah, so I'm gonna go play dominoes awhile and zone out before bed. If I feel ok when I get home tomorrow I'll write about what it felt like. 'night. 10:15pm

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