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To keep on smiling....

Jul 06, 2009 - 4 comments

Last week, I had a tooth get really sensitive to cold and pressure, on the opposite side from my TN.  I called my dentist's office, asked if they could check my X-rays and see if there was a noticeable issue (hoping that it would be something simple).

I was told I needed to be seen, and made an appointment for today.  Over the weekend, I noticed pain on the other side, and discovered an abscess.

This afternoon, at my appointment, I discovered the molar on the right side was cracked in a couple places (already lots of fillings), and it needs a crown.

X-rays of the left side didn't make it clear which tooth was causing the large abscess, which was kind of between two teeth.  She did this test where she ran an electrical current into my tooth, with my finger on the probe; when I removed my finger, it cut off the current.  She tried a normal tooth, and I cut off the current.  She tried one of the two suspect ones, and I cut off the current.  She tried the other, and I just kept waiting to feel something.  Dead as a doornail.

I asked why it hurt so bad if the root was dead, and she explained that once the blood supply was cut off, it was like a big splinter that my body was trying to fight off.  Thus the swelling and pain, pain, pain.

So, I'll be taking Amoxicillin 3 times a day for 9 days, and on next Monday I'm under orders to take 100 mg. of Tegretol (relax nerves) and 10 mg. of valium at 7 am.  My appointment is at 8 am, and should take around 3 hours to do both teeth.  I'll hang out there until my friend can pick me up.  My dentist said she could just through a blanket over me and let me sleep off the meds, lol!  I promised I wouldn't snore.  :o)

The office manager is going to help me work out a payment plan.  My dentist said that it's important to get them both done as soon as possible for my health.  The infection in the one on the left side was getting pretty bad; temperature of 99.9 today, so I can't help but agree.  My teeth, my health, are more important than money.  I work hard at taking good care of them, but I inherited them from my Mom, who got false teeth around 40.  I'm only missing one, though I sure have a lot of crowns and fillings!

So, I'll go through this and keep on smiling.  On the 16th I'm flying to Sacramento for a few days to watch a couple WNBA games, and hope to be healing well by then.  

Maybe my fatigue will lift some after my teeth are fixed.  It could happen!

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751951 tn?1406632863
by PastorDan, Jul 07, 2009
We'll pray that it does happen!

I know I'm past due for some of the same treatment.  Expecting an influx of cash at the end of the month (No, I don't play lotteries!), so I'll then be able to settle several accounts and open some new ones.

Best wishes.

559187 tn?1330782856
by Sarahsmom46, Jul 08, 2009
Oh Kathy, I really feel for you.  Geez, they are doing both teeth at the same appointment?  Well, that is probably a very prudent thing to do.  You can not mess around with teeth. People think that dental issues are no big deal, but they can cause very serious even life threatening problems if they don't get taken care of.  Sounds like you have a good dentist though who has this under control  Did she give you anything for the pain?

I'd ask for the blanket when they start the procedure.  I have been in the denists chair for that period of time and you can suddenly start shivering and its hard to get warm again.  So, keep that blanket near is my suggestion.  

You will do fine.  Take care in the meantime.  

356518 tn?1322263642
by sandee1818, Jul 08, 2009
I hope your feeling better soon! I know I hate having tooth pain! it was worse than labor pains at a point with my teeth. My Mom and Dad spent a small fourtune on my teeth. I had what they call milk teeth and they would just crumble and rot. the dentist did extensive work and as I said my parents spent thousands of thousands of dollars on my smile and the pain I went through was unimaginable! I was only seven when it started and I had to take elavil and hydrocodone for the pain even at that young age.
I finally told them enough with trying to save them and all the pain that went along with that so when I was a teenager they pulled the worse ones and then built a bridge in my jaw so that it would not sink in when I get older and then I got implants. I went thru soooo much pain but it was worth it.
So I know the pain your going thru. All the money Mom and Dad wasted trying to save them went down the drain but I know they just wanted me to keep that beautiful smile and in the end I did:)

405614 tn?1329144114
by Fluffysmom, Jul 09, 2009
Luckily, I have plenty of vicodin, as well as a bottle of Tegretol if the work in my mouth flares up my trigeminal neuralgia.  I was driving today and got some really bad pain on that side of my mouth, and was afraid that it was starting up already, but it eased off.  The antibiotics are starting to work, but there's still a lot of swelling and pain.  My dentist said that my last flare of TN was probably caused by this doggone tooth acting up.

Unfortunately, getting the tooth fixed won't cure the TN, and might flare it up; now that's real pain.  I'm hoping that it won't, as the Tegretol makes me kind of fuzzy, which would be interesting on the trip to Sacramento.

I've found that I get really cold in the dentist's chair, too.  It's been sunny shorts and sandals-wearing weather here, but when I went to the dentist, I knew to wear jeans, socks and tennis shoes, and a shirt with fairly long sleeves.  I think for Monday, I'll wear sweat pants, a long sleeved shirt, fuzzy socks, and shoes.  I can always ask for a blanket if that's not enough.

I had really bad teeth when I was young, but my parents didn't have much money to spend on care, so I had a lot of school pictures where I smiled with my mouth closed.  When I finally had to go,around 3rd grade, I had tons of fillings and some extractions.  My dentist wore glasses and I could see everything that he was doing in my mouth reflected in them; I hated it!

My current dentist is wonderful; she has all the high-tech equipment, gave free oral cancer screenings to her patients when she got a new tool in to do so, some special light wand thingy.  She's really nice, too, and considerate.  She listens, and is concerned about my possibility of MS, and has first hand knowledge working with patients with trigeminal neuralgia.

I know I'll be just fine, but I'm glad that she wants me to take valium and tegretol, so I won't be as nervous.  I just tense up when I get in the chair, even though I know I'm in good hands.  I practice breathing, and look at the prints of nature scenes she has on the wall.

Oh, as for not messing around with teeth; my sister got really sick, bacterial endocarditis, and had to have a picc line in for IV antibiotics for weeks.  She has mitral valve prolapse, so when an infection above a root canal and crown went unnoticed and got into her bloodstream, and affected her heart.  She could have died.  I don't have a leaky valve in my heart, but have read how bad teeth can affect organs and stuff, so am very careful with my teeth!

Lets all take good care of our teeth.  :o)

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