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New beginnings and changes

Jul 07, 2009 - 2 comments

I know a lot of you know I took some time away to get my thoughts together. I think it was a good move. I was as you all know so depressed. I have been put on Zoloft, and in the process of weaning me off of Cymbalta.  The Zoloft seems to be helping my mood.

I was prescribed by my IM Dr. Home Health Care for a couple of weeks. This is my last week. I have had a physical therapist and a social worker also.  Both have given me some direction to help get me feel better a little more hopefully every day.  I do feel emotionally a bit better. I as most of you still in pain, a part of our lives. My Physical Therapist is great, she does not push me. She did order me a walker. That set met back I was feeling overwhelmed. But it is mine to keep. She took me out for a walk with the walker last week. My first outing without my sweet hubby. I was shaky when we got home. The Social Worker is wonderful, I wish I could have her as my regular social worker. I don't know if she does other patients or just home bound patients. She is going to help me get our metro transit system  (ada)  apply for the service to pick me up take me where I need to go and bring me back home. The cost is about what I would have to pay for a bus. This is nicer no crowed buses.

I am going to check into the warm water exercises at the YMCA and another place that also has the warm water exercises.  I know that if you are on disability they may wave the yearly fee and the monthly fee. I have to make the calls.

My hubby and our neighbor had built me a ramp for my power scooter. but my Physical Therapist said is not up to code, it is not wide enough and too steep. I felt so bad for my hubby and neighbor when I had to tell them. We have limited space and money of course is  tight. So I don't know what we are going to do.  We also need to make some safety changes inside our home, especially in our bedroom. we need to move the dresser so if I get shaky on my feet and fall. We can't move it  the dresser until we get rid of our large antique wardrobe ( not happy about this). So we are in the process of making some changes, A lot of changes. As soon as the wardrobe goes then hubby can move the dresser in that spot and we have a large space.  I just need to take a little time each day to move my clothes out and find a place for the hanging clothes.

Over the 4th of July weekend I had come across one of my Epipens that was out dated. I gave it to Mike to make it safe to throw away with the directions from our HMO. Well Mike (hubby) accidently injected the medication into his left thumb. We went to Urgent care and the Dr. there said to keep it warm and if his thumb turned white to the ER right away because that meant there was no blood flow  to his thumb. We went home and he kept his thimb in a cup of warm water and message it to keep the medication also not go up his arm, because there was a slight chane if that happened it could of  killed him. So we stayed in our recliners so I could keep a watch over him all night. He is going to be okay, all though his thumb is bruised and very  sore.  I was so scared it finally hit me on Sunday morning, I fell apart and cried a lot because if I lose him I have lost my life. We will be married 37yrs. this August 5th.  He is the love of my life, he loves me and takes care of me. I did not know what to do for him that night but stay awake to make sure he was breathing and his thumb was pink.  He is my high school sweetheart since we were 16. We have been through a lot. but I lose him was something I could not let happen.  He is my knight is slightly dented armor, but he is my Knight who has always rescued me. Lately I know that has been a challenge. BUT HE IS OKAY, THANKS TO GOD HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS.

That was our weekend, I was exhausted  from all this as Mike was also. so  we slept and barely ate, nothing sounded good.

But I am back here at MH!!! I missed all of you, I love you and thanks for always being there to listen and help. So if any of you need to talk or vent or just chat I am Here.

Love to all or you,

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751951 tn?1406636463
by PastorDan, Jul 07, 2009
Happy to hear that you're getting some help in finding solutions, Shar.  Happy that you're here with us, as well.  Blessings to you and your loved ones.

525545 tn?1293184794
by SharJ, Jul 07, 2009
Pastor Dan,

Thanks for your support and blessings.  You have been such large support to help me.

Have a great day!

And Blessings to  you as well,

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