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hard knot

May 07, 2008 - 3 comments






hello everyone, I still have a hard knot near my belly button. it is about 2 inches long. No more bright red around it but still hard. I ran a full course of antibiotic Keflex and now 2 weeks after surgery it is still a hard knot. This coincerns me. anyone having this? What is under there and how long does this go on? Other 3 incision sites look excellent. My friend calls this one incision site my "problem child"

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by bakerk, May 09, 2008
      I should  have thought of this yesterday PLEASE forgive me my dr put me oh hormones yesterday and I am still pretty much on hormone over load or hormone deficantcy...... anyway I have pretty good size lumps along my incision I  to got an infection but the lumps are scar tissue and will probably not go away. ask your dr if your lump is scar tissue..... it is a good guess with out seeing it
     good luck

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by JudyK221, May 09, 2008
I forgive your hormones! I saw the doctor he thinks maybe some blood under there, if it does not show signs of infection he is not too concerned, It is NOT a hernia and he thinks it will just take time and slowly go down. It appeared 5 days after surgery so scar tissue unlikely but i forgot to ask. I try to write a list so Im prepared. I go back to work Monday, If I could afford to be off I longer ( its been 3 weeks for recovery from laprascopic) I would have asked for him to extend it but..... off to work I go. Wish me luck, Im still tired and job is high pressure. Keep me posted on your progress

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by cindi57, Oct 03, 2010
they did a cat scan for theese hard knotts in and around my belly button and could find nothing . What could it be and what's causeing them?

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