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day one

May 07, 2008 - 2 comments

relapsed and have been going stong on lortab, (hydro's for about two months since the relapse. i feel like ****, low energy, aches and pains, foggy groggy head. no real concentration, its taking everything i have to type. i am greatful that God has give me the opportunity to live a clean life. i am so lucky to be alive the way i took those damn pills. i just want serenity, energy and peace. i am so thankful for the forum and feel so blessed to be able to share with others. thank God....

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502050 tn?1243602535
by malenurse57, May 07, 2008
Hang in there I am also starting over trying to whip a new addiction as is my wife. Mine is ultram and as a nurs you would think I would know better. My wifes is vicodin and valium. We have both come through previous addictions, alchol, coke, meth,cigs. to name but a few.

451343 tn?1256250831
by CR_ST_NA, May 08, 2008
wow, you guys are very brave. i know i always liked ultram too but they are evil and addictive just like the rest. best of luck to ya... C

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