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ugh, im sinking

May 07, 2008 - 3 comments

i am just extremely bummed out today, cant get myself out of it. sinking into what feels like a depression. prepare for a lot of whining! lol no im sure i will feel better tomorrow, i get like this from time to time and im sure everyone does. I dont want to listen to anything but sad music, cry, and clean. it feels like everything just needs to be washed and scrubbed and completely just UGHHH! so, i guess its because Randy has been gone for longer than im used to it, I have nobody to talk to, and I miss my family. My neice who ive never seen but in pictures is turning 1 tomorrow. I cant believe I am missing it, I havent even been able to hold her. im just so sad. i miss my husband. i dont know how anyone is expected to live like this. our daughters miss him. and these are things i normally handle very well, but today has kicked my butt! i think i have been talking to myself in a negative voice today.

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495720 tn?1210293093
by fertigshell, May 07, 2008
Hey sweetie, I feel for any mother that has hard days believe me we all go through them, just try and look at your wonderful kids and think of how blessed you are to have them and try to find something to look forward to it seems to help me when i'm down! good luck!

419964 tn?1333301906
by msgorgeous, May 07, 2008
I hope you feel better soon, i know how you feel my nephew is soo cute tho i do get to see him maybe every three months it still sux im missing out on everything from him i too live away from my family it sux, but im here if you need me :)

501944 tn?1224056021
by Lalasoto, May 07, 2008
I remember days like yours.Thank goodness you have two blessings to get you through this. My oldest is going to be 20 now but I can remember crying all day and not knowing why. Just thanking God for giving me my babies.
I'm new to this site but am here if you need a friend.

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