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July 7, 09

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6:40 PM:

Biopsy this morning. Some of the worst pain I've had in quite a while. Actual pain during the procedure was immense! I yelled out when he put the marker needles in and sent me back into CT, then actually cried when Bx was taken. Amdominal pain was bad, but referred nerve pain in right arm, shoulder and neck was HUGE! Only went away in the past hour or so. Been lying on my right side on an ice pack since I got home at noon. GI sent me to this  Radiology Associates because they were supposed to keep me 4 hours after, but shooed me out after 2 hours, even while still having pain to breathe, and pain in abdomen.

If I ever have that done again, I'm going to a hospital instead of outpatient, where they might be able to control pain and actually follow my Dr's orders (4 hr recovery). That entire experience was just terrible.

Only upsides to this day were my kind neighbor who watched our lil guy for us, and my hubby who has been amazing with helping me afterward. Oh, and handily enough, I still have the Vicodin prescribed Sunday for abdom. pain. They've helped quite a bit. I even took one before this morning's Bx to help the pain beforehand, but no dice.

Still having sharp, uncomfortable twinges at Bx site, especially with a deep breath, but all shoulder and neck pain is gone now. Whew.

The Dr and nurse speculate bx hurt me so badly because of the abdom. pain I had Sun. that led me to ER. Say liver might still have been a little tender since then. I dunno.

Such is life.

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by bonnie37, Jul 07, 2009
pain is aweful especially when u don't know to fix it.

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by averagegeek, Jul 08, 2009
Just woke up, and pain is still there. Sort of a sharp, come and go pain at the bx site. They said pain should have been gone 2 hours after bx when they shooed me out of there. It's been over 24 hours now. Has anyone else had pain this far out from the bx? I'm wondering if I should call the radiology place where it was done, or if this is just normal for some people. I don't want to make another trip to a hospital.


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by Andiamo1, Jul 08, 2009
Did they give you anything for pain before the procedure?  I had my last biopsy at Mt Sinai and they had me smiling before the procedure.  It was the easiest one of all,but none were as bad as you describe.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.  I do hope the results are good.  I do expect they will be.


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by averagegeek, Jul 08, 2009
Dear Eric,

They gave my zylocane, or xylocane (sp?) for the local pain at the bx needle site (which was the LEAST painful part), but no, nothing for the pain at actual sample time, and didn't offer me anything for pain afterward, either. They said I wasn't allowed to use aspirin because it thins the blood and could have encouraged bleeding. I'm not allowed to take tylenol, but since my ast/alt are normal, the ER Dr. on Sun. gave me a few Vicodin for the abdom. pain I was having then. So I had those yesterday at least. They didn't help significantly, but they took the edge off. The most soothing thing was lying on my right side on an ice pack on and off all day.

When they were finished and had the liver sample in a bottle of liquid, they showed it to me so I could see exactly what I went thru all that pain for, and it was MINISCULE! Just about as big around as a pencil lead, and about half an inch long (taken from the core). I could hardly believe something that small hurt so badly. They could have skipped the local numbing as it was unnecessary, and gone for a more general pain reliever, I thought.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. It helps me to look on the bright side.

PS: since I woke up this afternoon (yeah, afternoon :) The pain has all but gone away. Very slight. No fever. Feeling pretty well now, and I'm thankful.


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