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The Battle of the Belt Tightening

Jul 07, 2009 - 1 comments


Well, I started out trying to track my weight some time ago at around 195lbs. I just had too much to deal with and could not get in the right frame of mind to control my weight. So, instead of going down I went up to 208. I started getting serious on the first of July, but then the holiday... Still I am down now to 205 and will shoot for a realistic goal of 180lbs. I need to lose 25 more pounds. I think I can accomplish this by the end of the summer. I really am determined this time - it's just all those distractions like family gatherings, parties, and dinning out. I will have to stay focused!

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by tanglewood, Dec 12, 2009
Three surgeries and not much excercise, so I've gained weight. Boy it took a while to type that - my fingers don't work like I tell them to. Don't like the meds i'm on; don't like the pain i'm in; gloomy weather; don't like the weather; don't like myself; don't like life; starting  to sound depressing - if you're reading this i recommend you stop now before i drag you down like i do everyone else.

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