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Having a clear month

May 07, 2008 - 0 comments










I am back from vacation.  Maybe the lack of stress has done me well as I am feeling great and have clear skin for the first time since last year when I finished my first accutane treatment.  After the accutane, I had very dry skin and was applying cream and vasaline twice a day to keep my skin from not drying up.  My skin is not very soft and I have only the light scars from my acne cysts I had last year.

I still take differin daily at nights.  Not sure if it makes a difference, but my skin flares up at any moment so I am not going off it.  It is the summer and the weather is not dry.  I tend to do better during these months.  Even though, every acne dermatologist or doctor has always said my skin will be more sensitive to the sun, the sun has helped my skin dull the scars.

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