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Role of Diet?

May 08, 2008 - 0 comments



symptom management

These past few days I have been eating a plain diet and the symptoms have gotten a great deal milder. My stomach has been able to tolerate lean meats like chicken or pork baked in the oven, vegetables and fruit, yogurt, a small glass of milk, and small amounts of grain products. On Tuesday, I had hardly anything to eat so when my husband got a poutine for himself I asked for a small one. I managed to eat it with a glass of water, but I was in the washroom within 30 minutes of eating. This has also happened on the rare occasions when I have been on the road and stopped to eat at McDonald's (a regular size sandwich, fry and drink). It frustrates me when this happens because I realize that my body isn't getting the nutrients it needs. At least, I can keep down some foods okay, which might be a start in managing this, whatever it is.

I'm hoping that this doctor can find out what is wrong. The medical office informed me that my doctor has gone to part time hours, so I am getting a new doctor.

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