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"dh" vent!

Mar 27, 2014 - 5 comments

omg there is so much... but it all boils down to, I married a selfish boy.  I just want a man that man's up.  Your at a job you don't love?  man up there are bills to pay!  I married such a wuss.  I handle all problems, I deal with everything.  He whines, and complains.  I am so tired.  I am glad he is 3 hours away working.  I don't have to deal with his every mood.  but it comes down to, he isn't happy there and wants to quit his job... There are bills to pay sugar princess, man up.  I have worked since I was 15, round table, burgerville, target, boys and girls club, KFC, on and on until I finished college and went to work as a teacher.  15 years later am I happy everyday going to work?  hell no...  but you know what that is what adults do, they work, they support, and they don't complain because there are people that have a whole lot worse jobs.  Man up little princess... you are not a child...  

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961574 tn?1505958942
by mhv, Mar 27, 2014
You go girl!!!

6077797 tn?1518212855
by veronica0808, Mar 27, 2014
I know how you feel , who wants to go to work? but too much responsibilities .. let it out , you will feel better

1272624 tn?1395437957
by plumber43, Mar 28, 2014
I love my DH he's awesome but he whines about his job too!!!!

1098165 tn?1340760837
by Melissa_71, Apr 08, 2014
Just saw this...sorry ur going thru this. Selfish men don't seem to change do they?  Hope he snaps out of it....nowi just read ur other status.....omg r u....?????

296076 tn?1371338074
by melimeli, Apr 08, 2014
I pray to god not! I have an Iud

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