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Stressors lately

Mar 28, 2014 - 4 comments

So we've had a few stressful situations within the last week. One of my friends son, also my sons best friend, had his tonsils out at 3, ever since then he keeps getting reoccurent abscesses in his throat, he's had 6 surgeries to have it drained and it keeps coming back. He is now being tested for lymphoma, and we are all extremely worried. Praying this sweet litte 5 year old doesn't have to face that.

Then, my mom has been dating a guy for a few years, about 3 I believe. Well, to put it blunt, he's an ***. A crazy ***, my mom has a habit of settling and that's exactly what she's doing in this case. She's only been in two serious relationships, ever. My dad for 25 years, now her boyfriend of 3. He treats her like crap, is rude, she's always wondering if she should leave him, he sleeps on the couch and her in bed, despite how much this bothers her, he won't try to change it. She was telling me last week she had to talk with him about he always talks about killing and shooting people - he's crazy. His daughters are crazy and soooo selfish its unreal, both over 23 with kids and boyfriends and he pays EVERYTHING for them. Everything, house, bills, cars, groceries, etc, and doesn't help my mom out at all with money although he moved in to her house. Well he's always said he would never get married, ever, not an option, but being boyh over 50 it wasn't abig deal. My mom called me at 9 pm Tuesday and told me they were getting married this summer, and I was like what?! I just said congratulations and I will support you if you're truly happy. So the next day I asked her what brought about the change of heart in him and she said well I haven't been feeling good so he was worried and asked me to marry him. RED FLAG!! I said what do you mean you haven't felt good? You've said nothing to me. She said I didn't want to worry you, but I've been throwing up all week, my doctor put me on bacterial meds and I got some blood tests, my sugar is high (she's diabetic), cholesterol is high, I have to get a colonoscopy and a ct scan of my stomach. So I'm like are you kidding me - and this is just coming out!!? My concern is that he's marrying her because he wants the house and her retirement, but she's too naive to see the red flags. My sisters are also very concerned, how to bring this up without making her feel cornered, I don't know. But this would be for all the wrong reasons and it worries me. My sisters and I are going to try talking with her this weekend, hopefully it goes well.

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2066718 tn?1431143569
by TTC2006, Mar 28, 2014
Ask her to make you and your sisters power of attorney in the event that she is unable to make decisions for herself.  Then tell her to watch the $hit hit the fan when she tells him.  That will be a sure fire way for her to see him clearly.  

Good Luck!

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Mar 28, 2014
That's probably a good idea, because he doesn't care about anything but himself and what's for him. She just wants someone there, and I hate to see her settle for less than she deserves because she really is a great person.

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Mar 31, 2014
Oh, I hope you were able to talk some sence into her this weekend... I think you're right that he's just after a free ride, whether she's here or not! Greedy [email protected]!!

I'm also saying prayers for your friend's son. I'm hoping for the best outcome possible for him. No child should have to go through so much pain!

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Mar 31, 2014
Thank you Heather, my mom agreed that nothing changes as far as her will, and we'll get everything left. We're also going to go through with getting power of attorney, I doubt she's told him any of this, she sees no reason to, but I hope if anything happens to her it's not a struggle or fight, that would be the last thing we need.

My friend's son is doing better, he's out of surgery to have his latest abscess drained and tested. Praying it comes back negative!!

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