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RA wrist freezing

May 08, 2008 - 1 comments











Rheumitoid Arthritis

hi next week May 15 i am going to have surgery to freez wrist joints
anyone know anything about this? please tell me about it
anyone ever have it done? please tell me about it
anyone know anyone had it done?  please tell me about it

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by Nortbach, May 28, 2008
wow i had the surgery done to freez thwe wrist... the pain is gone there now
but what a wild ride in / during the hospital stay............drugs..crazy on call doca gave me ovwerdose pain meds when ever i ask for indomethazone to stop swelling & pain in a sholdure (not the part operated on)  
if u have RA be sure u have a supply  & perscription to take with u of indomethazone...just in case u need it after surgery to stop pain from a flareup of RA in a jpint like i had happen cause the on call pain management docs wont give that 2 u.... they only know how to give regular pain meds & they do not touch pain from  a RA flare up.   i was overdosed & still in pain till my RA flare up went away.   but the surgery went well   & would recomend it 2 anyone with RA

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