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Mar 31, 2014 - 0 comments










My husband started having health problems about a month or so ago. Started having migraines which he had so bad as a child the doctors had him on darvocet. The migraines regently returned along with mood changes. Irritability anything would make him angry. Then about a2 or so3 weeks ago his left side of his body started getting numbness, his left hand started turning blue, when he got stressed or aggravated right afterwards he would be confused and speech would be slurred. Stumbled when walking. Then started staring off and complained of chest pains and saying his heart hurt. Then he seemed to just stop breathing unless I startled him or shook him. I took him to emergency room. Blood work no results ekg normal. Abg normal. Second tripbto emergency room all results the same also did ct scan of head normal results the. But complained of chest pains and saying his heart hurt, left side if body numbness and complained of left side of his face felt funny like he had a fat lip feeling like you get from dental work. Third trip to emergency room all, all same symptoms but worsening, but his left side of body drew up and fell to the floor. Doctor said was having an acute anxiety stress disorder on the heart. Next episode even worse than before. Now complains of head feeling funny, slurred speech complained of right side of his head hurt along with the other symptoms, along with no memory of landing on the floor. Last episode today March 31, 2014 left hand blue fingers drawn up in different directions, speech getting more slurred more memory loss, chest pain left side of body pain fatigue pins and needles on entire left side of body right side if his head still hurting heart still hurting more confusion. Emergency room doctor said he is having seizures and needs to find a neurological in the meantime his anxiety is worsening. What can we do while waiting for a neurological appointment? And is he really having seizures and could this all be due originally to a stroke? We have an acute11 year old daughter and a son who just turned one in the midst of all this medical drama. My husband didn't get to see our son turn one. And has hardly any memory of why he originally went to the hospital. What do we do? He has never really had any health problems as an adult but he has had surgery on his left ear because the inside of his left ear because"turned to mush" and had most of is inner ear cleared out so he has no eardrum and almost all hearing loss in the left ear because.

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