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Omega 3 for kids?

Jul 10, 2009 - 4 comments

omega 3





Starting Caleb & myself on a Omega 3 Suppliment.  He has problems with switching gears from one activity to another.  He gets over stimulated & has a hard time calming down.  He goes through cycles where he can't sleep (just like his Mom).  He gives himself stress tummy aches in the morning before school but once he's there he's fine.  My husband has a lot of anxiety problems & I have sleep problems & it looks like we've passed them on.  I was reading that Omega 3 can help the brain deal with stress better so here we go.  I also play guided meditations for him at night & they seem to help make the transition to bed time.  He gets in trouble at school for his behavot when he is overwhelmed, but the same teachers say he is the sweetest most loving boy in the class.  I hate to take him in to the doctor for fear they will just label & medicate him.  He's only 4.  I took him to a family therapist about a year ago & she said she did not beleive he was ADD just a very intense child.  He feeds off other emotions so when I get frustrated or angry with him it just amps him higher.  

Has anyone else given there kids an omega 3 suppliment?

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by surromommy, Aug 02, 2009
My son Austin is 3 and was diagnosed with Autism at 20 months. I have been giving him omega 3's for about 6 months now. I noticed a difference almost right away for the better, just be careful not to give too much because they can cause children to become hyper!

How are you giving it to him? We use Cormega, the orange. It tastes pretty good and it's the only one my son will take!

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by April2, Aug 02, 2009
They make this in a children's version. I've seen it in the health food stores. Fish oil and flax seed oil both nourish the brain. Our brain needs fats, good fats. I had a friend who's boys were ADHD but she didn't believe in giving meds. She was in to the all natural stuff and started giving them flax seed oil in a smoothie every morning and swears she saw a difference in their behavior when they were on it consistently. When she stopped doing it for awhile she saw a return to their old behavior, she told me. It's something to think about.

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by margypops, Aug 02, 2009
yes it is recommended and also experts say that a multiple vitamin with  antioxidents are good and help with concentration... B Complex,  Vit C have been shown to have the same efficacy as Ritalin ..Fish oil and the Cormega mentioned by sorromommy is delicious I have taken it, kids love it,.If you google supplements for ADD and ADHD it will tell you more ......

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by tekog, Nov 14, 2014
My son is 6 and I've just recently took him to his doctor about his speech, its a little off with pronouncing words and when trying to complete a conversation you tend to lose what his saying. But  when the visit was over I was left with a lots of appointments  for testing to see if he has ADHD, I wasn't surprise I know he can be out of control with his behavior and constant loud talking. Some where in my faith I felt like he would grow out of it. Sadly to say his diagnosis were conclusive to his behavior so now they want to put my son on medicine which I'm not against just afraid of. They also recommended  omega 3, I'm new to all of this  just need some good advice on this. I don't want to lose my son to  medicine. I do believe there other ways.

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