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Next blood draw will tell the story

Jul 10, 2009 - 0 comments

Next draw in August I find out if these drugs have helped or not; the 12 week mark. Labs this trip AST 28 ALT 39 WBC 3.3 HGB 12.7 HCT 36.7 Plateletts lower 123 Esonophils the only one out of range 3. Continuing not to drink alcohol, no red meat, no caffiene. Also cont with milk thistle and a variety of other herbal meds. Feel fatigue at times. Joint pain day after injection is no fun. Have not lost work. Continue on 12 hr shifts @ the hospital.  Really Really hoping the viral load on week 12 is encouraging. Asked GI what if its ineffective. A few choices layed out. He is having a difficult time getting patients into clinical trials in phila pa. So for now that may not be an option unless I can find a way around it. Promising drugs he claims should be comming next year. Oh well we'll see. For now Ill wait for the 12 week blood test. Sad news my friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shes in her 40's. We plan on doing a benifit for her to off set the cost the insurance doesnt pay.    I know im lucky when I see what she is up against!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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