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Hi everyone xxxxxx

Apr 02, 2014 - 0 comments

Long time no see :-D I am still on my journey and the road is long BUT i'm still walking it. Yes!!! i had times of despair and the dreaded PAWS got too much, is too much to post regularly for a while. And many others facets that go hand in hand with healing.

And also all good pupils learn in order to help not just themselves but others too no matter what during your recovery and no matter what you know you got to be like the wise Ancients.

Go sit at the top of the Mountain by yourself and quietly and be your own Teacher as well. And contemplate that your plans can't be static as many things will rise up along your journey such is the way of life.

Making changes to adapt doesn't mean your doing it wrong just you need to adapt. In the Universal law of balance there is no right or wrong way but acceptance that there has to be changes good or bad in personal reconstruction.

BUT this also doesn't mean that bad is bad it's just that it's its time and a good thing depending on your perception. Why!!! the very fabric of the universe its self is infinitely changing and we are ALL part of that fabric of change:

And resistance to change is the worse thing you can have for that means non acceptance of what is. And therefore your holding back change by seeing change as a problem its not  its PROGRESSION letting you know you need to turn left or right on your path to get ahead.   Love, Peace, Harmony Tswana xxxxx

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