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Apr 03, 2014 - 5 comments


I am having withdrawals I miss calculated and ran out of trazadone last two days in bed shaking im ok now

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by melimeli, Apr 03, 2014
hmmmm I didn't know that trazadone was addictive.  when I was perscribed it I was told it wasn't.  I hope you feel better soon

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by ILADVOCATE, Apr 04, 2014
See if your pharmacy can give you a few days supply until you are able to have a new prescription.
They can speak to your psychiatrist first. If that wouldn't work out then you could go to a walk in clinic to
be able to obtain the dose of the medication. Many medications even if they aren't addictive
can have withdrawal symptoms especially when stopped right away.
  In the meantime it would be worthwhile to buy a reminder device where you can put each dose
of the medications you are prescribed at the specific hours. I have found that to be of help
as I had the same problem before.

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by drifter0213, Apr 04, 2014
thank you iladvocate & meli I made a mistake and yes I need reminders :)

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by koyr, Apr 04, 2014
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please suggest that ill be effected by hiv or not....please help me..........please

675718 tn?1449992146
by drifter0213, Apr 04, 2014
your ok

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