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a little bump in the rollercoaster

Jul 12, 2009 - 2 comments

people were not kidding when they said this is a  "ride "  I had a good few wks around shot 13th - 16th .but numbers are up then down .I get my copys {labs} but I dont need them to tell me my legs wont run ,or I cant make it up the stairs w out resting .  outdoor activites with the family have become tougher to handle . now its alot of "no, you two go ,but bring me back a rootbeer float will ya?"        thighs have become  hard . so I hit in my stomach .     mouth is very sore ,making it hard to eat things I like . and it finnally happened ,me and anastasia ended up holding each other and bawling our brains out {yesterday} she said she want this treatment to end !!  I tried to not add an ad to the mix ,because they never worked .but now I may seek something for irritability . they didnt work before ,but this IFN is some powerful stuff .   Ive been probably overdoing it ,when I do ,decide to wax car ,or sit in sun . and I have paid dearly ! one day of work ,means two lousey days just sitting like a 90 yr old ,in the screen room .  on the plus side ,Ive lost 23 pounds . my wife says I look better !  {ya right }  Ive noticed my stomach is no longer disstended {sic} dull pain in urq is all but gone .I somehow feel the drugs working on killing virus . I weaned off suboxone ,after 4 years .this is a double edge sword ,though because now I feel more actual pain . and I am on my own !  {if you know what i mean}  and beleive it or not    ,I FEEL THIS WILL END WELL ,AND MAKE US STRONGER AS A FAMILY .

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by lapis, Jul 12, 2009
Winner, so sorry to hear you're having a rough time.  You are so kind, you reach out to everyone, and I really appreciate your presence here.  You didn't ask for advice, but this is what I did for the sore mouth, you might try brushing several times during the day, gargling with warm salty water, also using Biotene mouthwash or toothpaste or both.  The meds cause dry mouth, we don't make as much saliva as usual, and the pH balance of the mouth is off, my gums stayed inflamed throughout tx, but within wks of finishing they are back to normal again.

I remember that feeling, of doing a little too much one day and then paying for it for days afterward.  After 13 weeks off tx, I am feeling better every day, and you will get there too!!  So hang in there, friend!!!

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by IAmTheWalrus, Jul 18, 2009
Stay tough Winner. Think of how good it will feel when you stop. I know a little how you feel and I know you have to really pace yourself. You just do not recover from exercise like you should when you are on TX. No muscle tone and low HGB means long time to recover from muscular and aerobic activity.

Hang in there. Here's wishing you the best!

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