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What a day !

May 09, 2008 - 7 comments

I have had one of those weeks that you have to experience to believe. Monday was a crazy day at work seems most days are like that it seems anymore. I had my appointments on tueday, I got great news, it was so welcome. My wife had a cough and I mentioned that she should take some cough medicine. She did. Wednesday I attended my 5 year olds class for career day. I explained my job, with pics and such it was fun. I went back to work that afternoon. Finally starting to catch up. At home the wife was feeling worse. I suggested a trip to the doctor. She flatly refused and went to bed early. She was up off and on all night cough spells. Thursday morning she was very agitated. I told her get rest I would speak to her later. At 2:30pm, I called she said she felt awful and I would have to pick up my son after school. I got him and took him back to work with me. We stopped at the store to get a few things to make dinner and I made her a doctor appt. for 10:00am this morning. She called me at work and and said they are admitting her for Pnemonia. I have been washed out this week. My insurance company does not care for me after this week.
   Well, the Lord only give us what we can handle i have asked for him to let me handle this before anymore comes along. I am confident he , along with my friends here, will get me across this bridge.
  Stay tuned, you never know what may happen next.........


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231441 tn?1333892766
by Super_sally888, May 09, 2008

what a week!
Hope your wife is better quickly.

Take care.


476834 tn?1228398709
by RAY911, May 10, 2008
geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze Mike i'm sorry you've had "One of those weeks"  I totally get it!!!!!!!  Hang in there i'm telling you it will get better!!!!

Please dont forget you. ok??  That has been my problem the last few years with my daughter,, I took care of her every need for years, then I got to the point that I felt like I lost myself... Like I didn't know where she began and where I started???  Make any sence???  Then when she finally wanted to start doing things on her own and she would yell at me to leave her alone and let her do it.... I was totally LOST ,,,, like I LOST myself,,,,,
sound crazy???????

anyway I do know what your going threw.. these past 2 weeks my daughter has been going in for Radiation on her leg... LONG STORY,,, but she is doing fine, and i'm there for her, but have found that if I dont take care of myself then i'm no good for anyone....

Love and Prayers to you Mike


465975 tn?1224231635
by michael1028, May 10, 2008
Thanks so much for your thoughts and words Ray.I can see what you mean about losing yourself. The little guy in my photo is home with me know. My wife should be released tomorrow. I have been in a whrilwind of emotion and feelings. Prayers have helped a lot.  
Thanks Ray,

486365 tn?1209073792
by slj0811, May 10, 2008
Oh, no, that was a week that no one wants; but you are strong and will get through it.  I hope your wife feels better and glad that they caught it.  It sounds like you had fun at your son's class.  He is proud of you.  Remember to take care of yourself.  Try not to stress.  Yeah, right,  thats probably impossible now because its hard to think about yourself when your wife is hurting---but try.  

495035 tn?1221753092
by ohwild, May 16, 2008
hope your wife is feeling better now :) and you ,do keep us updated and really hope you had a better week this week. thanks for your suport  and rest well

465975 tn?1224231635
by michael1028, May 17, 2008
   She is better thank you. This week was much better. Hope that no cig thing get easier for you. I am sure it will. I am rooting for you. Hang in there.


495035 tn?1221753092
by ohwild, May 17, 2008
ty Mike this is day 3 and its easier thanks so much, and i'm real happy to hear that your wife is is feeling a little better it must be so hard for you coping with the little one as well. I'm lucky in the fact that my kids are adults now so they help me, you have my greatest  admiration im sure if mine were little i would be having so many problems, hope u have lots of family to help u.  

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