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Cats can keep one smiling

Jul 12, 2009 - 1 comments










Wish I could have caught this on film.  Squeaker (my cat) had got a small mole and was playing with it.  The mole got away, went to the dirt pile and proceeded in digging itself an escape.  Squeaker could not figure out what happened and started digging at the dirt in an effort to get the mole.  No such luck.  Later that day she had caught an adult mole and must have played to rough as it was dead.  While...squeaker tired to get a reaction from this dead mole.  No such luck.  Well after about 10 minutes of trying to revive it to play with she gave up.  She did not jus walk away which is what is expected.  She picked up the mole, walked over to the edge of our yard and proceeded to throw it over the bank.  She just had no use for something that wouldn't play with her.  Later that day I walked over  to the drop off and there were 3 dead moles.  Go figures her own little graveyard.  The were all buried and she was wormed so hopefully sh will be fine.  I just could not believe she did that.  She has also started sleeping in my dresser drawer.  She is such a character.  

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by Brrrrad, Jul 12, 2009
That is crazy! I have a Pomeranian who chases the wild rabbits in the yard until they stop and stand their ground and they decided to actually start chasing HIM. Needless to say he ran away yipping and i was totally embarrassed  ha.
My dogs have really helped w/ me getting and staying clean.    Stay Strong   Brad

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