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My lil one tested postive for being a carrier of Cystic Fib

Jul 12, 2009 - 0 comments

cystic fibrosis

About a month after my lil man was born the docs called and told me that he tested positive for the CF gene and they needed to due a sweat test to see if he actually was a carrier or if he had the diesease. I was horrified as I know what Cf does. I took him for his testing and he was only a carrier he does not have it. They then tested myself and dad and they told us one of us would have it since Owen only had one mutation of this gene. Well it came bck that neither myself or dad was a carrier, and the genectic docs have explained like 1 in a million babies can start their very own new mutation. So Owen will have to be carful when he gets older and know the risk of being with someone who might have the same mutation as him.

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