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Try and fall

Apr 08, 2014 - 0 comments

So, I studied most of last night until about 2 am.  I decided to take the test because I figured my professor would find some way to complicate things and give me a low grade.  I ended up going in fairly confident.  Finished-- fairly confident.  Checked up when I got home and realized within two minutes I had already lost 30-40 guaranteed points.  I changed about 5 answers right before turning it on (on the multiple choice section)-- I think I miscorrected almost every single one.

So, I was kinda bummed.  It is just 1/12th of my grade... and my teacher doesn't say anything too direct on the syllabus about not giving any help or "YOU EARN THE GRADE YOU GET" - as is with typical with accounting professors.  The people obsessed with fractions are real dicks about fractions of a point- who knew?

So, my sister recommended I talk to him.  I didn't today.  It doesn't help this teacher is a total weirdo.  He looks like a naitive american styled white man who wears Underarmor brand clothing.  That's all I can say about him.  The rich ones always are a bit odd, aren't they?

Now, I'm biking in the student rec center.  I have been doing this almost nightly for the last week or two.  Doesn't feel too bad.  I can tell my heartrate is progressively getting lower-- which is good news.  My resting heartrate is around 70-80 bpm... which can be considered high if I'm a thin gent.  Anyway, so there is no internet connection here worth mentioning.  I think all the kids with their iphones are hogging the wifi for their radio and headphones.  Annoying.

Im sitting at one of my favorite stationary bikes, one of three actually.  They are the 3 out of the maybe 9 in this section that you can place a laptop on.  I get extremely bored when I bike, so this definitely helps out a lot.

Watchiing a snowboard movie.  Enjoying the workout.  I think I'm gonna hop in the pool and run a little bit when I am done with this next 15 minutes or so.  Bye all!

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