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Stomach Cramps, diarrhea, lightheaded, dizzy

Apr 08, 2014 - 1 comments

I have been in a cycle of constant diarrhea for over 2 weeks now.  I was looking for people whom have had the same symptoms as I have been fighting this for about 4 years now.  I was unable to find any entries with my exact symptoms so I am going to post mine and see what I get.  
    It all started when I was pegnant with my son.  I began having severe sharp stabbing and burning pains in my lower right quadrant of my stomach.  I took myself to the doctor fearing it was something wrong with the baby, as I do not do well with pregnancies, and waas sent for a CT scan because of expected appendecitus.  It came back nevative, appendix was enlarged but not dangerous.  So I continued to suffer tthe pain until after childbirth as I was told it would correct itself.  6 months after birth the pain intensified back to the point I could not function.  Went back in to doc and was tested, found gallbladder was not functioning but 3%.  So ki got it removed and was told everything would be better instantaneous.  Wrong!  The pain remained and got worse. I began getting dizzy spells, constipation, diarrhea, sweats, vomiting, nausea, headaches, lower back pain, etc.  It comes in cycles that last from 2 weeks to anywhere around 6 weeks.  I never have constipation and diarrhea together during the constipation "episodes" and visa versa.  It isonly 1 or the other.  Constipated episode consists of but not limited to: lower abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, severe bloating that can make my stomach girth grow up to ~10 inches larger.  Loss of appitite, burning sensation in stomach, lack of energy, etc.  I have gone up to 8 days with no BM.  During this cycle I have a regimen that I take daily that consist of prescribed and over the counter medications for relaxing bowels and softening stools...nothing actually helps so to speak as my body decides what it does when it wants to.  A diarrhea "episode " consists of but not limited to: nausea, vomiting,  severe abdominal cramping,  inability to be on feet longer than ~15 minutes, watery stools that change from yellow to green to black in color.  I excrete excess bile which is a side affect of gallbladder removal and produce so much extra at times that I have to take a prescription med colestipol to soak it up.  This excess bile causes a lot! Of.      pain and intestinal/ stomach problems so if your stools have yellow liquid see a doc about adding a bile soaker med for your symptoms. The substance that your intestines excrete is a cleary whitish cottage cheese looking gel that helps move fecal matter through the intestinal tract.  Big difference so know what is being moved out.  Bile can eat through the protective lining in your stomach and intestines so if this is what it is it needs to be checked asap. The pain got so bad I started seeing specialists.I was diagnosed with IC (Interstitial Cyctitus) which is a disease that affects the bladder.  When expanded the bladder rips and tears causing(sometimes) extreme pain. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis which can also be severely painful.  These diseases feed off of each other and when 1 flares they all do.  Intestinal issues also are fed by these or vis versa.  Doctors tested me for crohns all forms of colitis cancer etc.  I had a hysterectomy to correct endometriosis and take 2 different meds to correct IC and I will be taking them for the remainder of my life.  Unable to diagnos my intestinal problem the doctors have begun calling it IBS as when they cannot put another known disease name on it they call it IBS.  My pain intensified again to the point I couldn't do anything but sleep or curl up in a ball and cry.  Went to see another specialist that repeated a colonoscopy, upper and lower GI, CT scan, MRI, and several other tests.  Said that my horrid habbit of smoking was the cause of all of my pain and I would be cured if I quit as smoking acts as a laxative.  Even though I thought he was a crack pot, I quit smoking for over a month.  No relief of symptoms so I went to see a different doc.  He had me repeat tests and do some new ones such as swallow a camera.  He found my intestines split and crack/ bleed when fecal matter moves through.  Explained it as IC in the large intestine.  Unfortunately he said this would not cause the intense pain I was. Feeling so more tests were needed.  I was unable to work and lost my insurance so was unable to continue testing.  Last week I was in so much pain I had to go to ER again.  When symptoms are at their worst it is exactly like full blown labor.  I am set up for a post op appointment for April 16th.  Suspected fischers and obstructed hemroids.  I have developed severe rectal bleeding and have the intestinal mucus discharge exiting vaginally.  I have no cervix so vaginal discharge is not an option.  No ovaries, cervix, tubes, etc to produce discharche.  Was tested ffor possible STD's since I worked at a mental hospital where they were abundant and not all are passed through sexual activities but all are through blood.   Negative there and still having vag. Discharge and my current specialist said it is possible that my intestinal gel stuff is leaking through walls between female area and intestines so I need to be seen asap by a colon specialist.  So that is all for now.  Will update after appointment.  OH, and if you have 20+ episodes per year like myself, ask for bental.  It is a medication specifically for intestinal cramping.  Any questions feel free to message me and I will answer the best I can!

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by butchered, Apr 02, 2017
I have the same symptoms as you but not after child birth. My gall bladder was not functioning and was removed. I had a stone removed from the common bile duct. Pain and symptoms got worse now have heavy bleeding from rectum after diarrhea. Now. diagnosed  with possible ulcerative colitis or ischematic coltis. Scheduled for colonoscopy and endoscopy on Tuesday. Been suffering for over 2 years.

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