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3 years since successful ablation

Apr 09, 2014 - 4 comments

I can't believe it's been three years since my successful ablation.  I am still SVT-free and feeling great.  Doing so well that I decided to rejoin the workforce after more than two years of being unemployed.  And at the age of 61 at that!  I am working as an assistant at a medical practice, working at the front desk and also working with patients.  Very rewarding, wish I had found this career years earlier.  Life is good!  Hope anyone reading this journal is doing well also.  My best to everyone, Jannie411

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by kbug1013, Apr 10, 2014
Sorry! I had cabg×3 2-4-14 I still have SVT. I am scared to have ablation?  My cardiologist recommended that I wait at least 6 month post bypass to even think about it. I am concerned that it won't work.  

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by DeltaDawn23, Apr 10, 2014
Jannie -- So glad to hear you are doing well.  At 61 you are still a mere child:)  I am 68 and just retired 2 years ago.  I might have worked longer except for my afib.  I am being seen at the Cleveland Clinic later this month, so we'll see what they recommend.  Meantime, my episodes are pretty far apart.  Some issues with the meds, but mostly okay.  Again, congratulations on your continued good health!

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by merileegal, Apr 10, 2014
good to hear Jannie. It's good to hear how others are doing. I'm also SVT free for almost 3 years although the last year has been trying in other ways with other problems. I'm so thankful for the site where we could all share our experiences and encourage each other through some scary times.
wishing all of you well.

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by gon2rsqm, Jun 21, 2014
Thank You so much for you posts. I am 49 and started having PVC's Jan 2013. They were every day right out of the blue. I had just finished doing 4 straight months of Insanity (workout video). I have always been active. Have had some PAC's most of my life but not on a daily basis. These things are making my life hell. Have tried Metoprolol, Bystolic, and Cardizem. Every time they stop working after a month and the dose is increased. And every month they quit again. I have passed out at work once. (I'm a Firefighter so that's really not good) My doctor sent me for an EP study. They did not find the VTach they expected. Said my heart is very strong but paced me to over 300bpm with 3 extra PVC's added in and then I went into VFib. They also inplanted a loop recorder. So I was waiting for an ablation for the PVC's.
This past Thursday I got so lightheaded and sitting in a chair talking and couldn't catch my breath. Also had chest pain as I have had that in the past. Ended up in the ER again. No lethal rhythms found. But the more I would try and talk the more PVC's I would have and my shortness of breath would get worse. I can hardly do anything active any more without suffering to no end. At times I am in Bigeminy. Sometimes it gets worse for no reason but this was the first time I had trouble catching my breath! I am going Tuesday the 24th June for my ablation at MUSC. I pray this works as I cannot imagine going on like this! I am so happy for you and your journal helped put me at ease somewhat. I  am a worrier, but I don't panic when I have attacks as I know what's going on. I am a Paramedic. That can be a good thing sometimes, but makes you aware of all the bad stuff too I guess. Again Thank You for your help! Wendy in South Carolina

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