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First day of Couples Therapy today...

Jul 13, 2009 - 0 comments





Mother-in-law troubles

today is our first day of couples counseling. i'm feeling anxious... i know that my mother in law (mil) is concern w/ us going because she fears it's all about her. yes, it is... we don't have anyone to turn to. i'm tired of venting. we need solutions and answers to our questions.

when i think about all that has happened since she moved in w/ us a year ago, i can't believe how the holiday's and our birthday's had been just average days for us. it amazes me that she's been in and out of the hospital numerous times. (at least 9 times.) i really think she should be in an assisted living home. but of course, if we bring it up it turns into, "us tying to get rid of her." in reality it's what is BEST for her.

i shall be back after our therapy session...

until then - Take Care All!

-Mrs. S

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