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how to hide that i am not vergin to my husband first time

May 11, 2008 - 3 comments

Safe sex

how to hide that i am not vergin to my husband first time becz i am getting married.

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by omanlover, May 11, 2008
why you want to do so?
i beleive you husband has the right to know! imagine how this can affect your life in the long term. the feeling of being guilt or fraid your husband know the truth!
tell  him before the wedining, i hope he understand!
wish you the best

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by aa27231, Aug 20, 2008
try to tell him that is the best solution athorwise noway to hide it. it easy to understand now then later.

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by pink140580, Aug 20, 2008
do you want to start your marriage off on a lie when you take your vows you promise and honour your partener in my opinion if this is the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with and he loves you what difference to him does it make we are all only human and he should appreciate your honesty one lie can turn into another and how would he feel if he found out years down the line that you had lied he would wonder what else you may of lied about not saying that there is any lies but he wont know that honesty is best policy definatly and if cant accept that then maybe hes not the one

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