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Thoughts versus Reality

May 11, 2008 - 3 comments

Ok - bad thoughts. N o t g o o d. Remember, they are just thoughts, nothing more. We are so distracted by believing that our thoughts are real and that they are reality. Can you touch them? Take them by the hand and go for a walk to enjoy just the beauty of the day? You can't even hold them up to the light like a beautiful flower or a rock to take a closer look and marvel at the beauty of their being.

Thoughts are only that voice you hear in your head that take you away from the reality of the moment. Once we step back and are able to separate out thoughts from reality life becomes completely different because of that awareness of thought versus what is real, tangible, concrete, touchable.

I strive to have no judgment or criticisms for those around me and work hard to live without them on a daily basis, especially the ones I have for myself which tend to be the harshest. It has been easier lately since becoming more conscious of my thoughts versus what is - Thoughts tend to have two characteristics. Those based on dwelling in the past and those that fear the future based on dwelling in the past; creating reactionary thinking and responses to the world around us. If one can step away and determine what kind of thoughts we are having; reactionary or marveling at the moment then we can begin to be in the moment, the real world. Once we can recognize our "thinking self" we add a new dimension and awareness about life.

Thoughts versus what is real, tangible; able to be held, touched, the ability to live life in the now begins with that added dimension of awareness. Thoughts loose their power over us once we become aware of them as only that, what we tell ourselves based upon the past and the fear or wants for the future. Freedom and life suddenly takes on a new meaning.

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by Savas, May 14, 2008
There are those that argue that there is no true reality, everything is a perception of thought. In the case of, for example, your beautiful flower, your perception of it is formed by your thoughts.

So, in essence, if you can step back from your thoughts and analyze them, direct them, set them on a proper path, you can create any reality you want. One which is driven by fear and worry, or one where you see the positive in what would normally be labeled the worst situation.

Items that would normally be seen as ugly or unappealing can be cast with your new perception into a wondrous light.
In this case, everything would hold the beauty of that rose.

This is not an easy task at first. I struggle with this daily, myself. Just learning to step back from the immediate reaction of worry or fear so that I might pause, reflect, and say;

"This is not so bad."

Is a task worthy of Atlas himself. But if you can do find that just the saying of the words will crystallize the impression you desire. Words, after all, do have power.
There's a reason Shamans chant and Priests pray. the power of the word, any word, is incredible! With a single word, you can crystallize and set a situation into proverbial and very real stone, for that word is the "physical" formation of your will.

And with that, I wish you a very real good night. :)

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by NewLeaf, May 23, 2008
Somehow, today life is way too very real.  It has a way of sneaking up on you and WACK!!!!  A great big karma hit on the head.

I am in the midts of seeing my way through a steadfast resolve of total honesty EVERYWHERE and with EVERYONE  about EVERYTHING.  Which I thought (that word again, thought) I was managing to accomplish fairly well... guess not when it comes to some things like emotions, past lives, deeds, wishes.

Tomorrow is another day.

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by wait2long, Jun 26, 2008
i come to medhelp just so i can read this..lits a big help to me.  than you hun...
talk soon...

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