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Operation complete

Nov 21, 2007 - 1 comments












Firstly want to thank Blessedsoulforever, Copper10, PamRam228, Cargiver222 and everyone else who gave advice. You have been  amazing with your advice and support. Angels sent from God. Thank you!
The operation seemed to go well, he is still in recovery but are expecting to shift him out of ICU sometime in the next 5 days. Now it seems that the long process of rehabilitation begins.
I would like to hear from anyone with advice on STROKE REHABILITATION, especially for right sided paralysis (Left-Hemisphere Stroke)...  In doing alot of reading it seems that speech is one of the things effected. I understand each stroke and stroke patient is different, but what could we expect in relation to time of recovery and how much recovery should we realistically expect? Any advice or experiences shared would be appreciated.
Thanks again

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by Sunny602, Nov 22, 2007
I have taken care of quite a few stroke patients, one thing I can say is every patient is different. It also depends on how much damage has been done...if it is massive, then a full recovery probably isn't likely. There will be residual effects such as speech problems or paralysis. I am definitely no doctor, I was a nurse at one time...As far as rehabilitation, your father will most likely go to a rehab center once he is deemed stable enough to go. He will undergo physical therapy and occupational therapy as well..hopefully intense therapy. The more they keep him moving, the better. Some facilities specialize in stroke rehabilitation...Years ago, I went to Gaylord hospital for pulmonary rehab but they are mostly known for brain injury and stroke rehab. Let me tell you, they worked me to the bone..I was in PT 3 times a day and occupational therapy (OT) once a day for the three weeks I was there. I can't imagine what they did with stroke patients as far as PT went! I pray that your dad regains some of his function...time will tell. I will keep all of you in my thoughts. Hugs, Sunny

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