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sling surgery 2 weeks- 3 weeks tomorrow

May 11, 2008 - 0 comments





2 weeks

I am doing well so far.  No incontinence.  But, I need help with what I can do.  I went back to work
1 week after surgery for 1 day, got really tired...stayed home the next day.  The next week I
went to work four days and had a very tiring schedule worked from 7 to 7 two days.  I walk a lot
at work and move around as I am a teacher.  I am still sore and if I do much of anything I get
sore and really tired.  I saw the doctor last week.  He said to not do any running...I am a runner
for 3 months.  But, I can walk.  But, I don't know how far or how much to do.  I started out
with a half mile and I am tired and a little sore when I get done.  Can walking too far hurt me?
Yesterday, I tried planting some seeds.  I used the small hand held spade and tried to be
really careful....but I was hurting really bad when I came back in.  I still hurt today from that.
I am confused as to how to gradually get better.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what I
can do at first and how to know when I can increase my exercise.  I am ADHD and I have always
basically been inconstant movement.  So this is very hard for me.  I want this to heal but I
haven't really been given any parameters.  I suppose when I get sore I have done too much?
Please, someone out there who has had this surgery, could you give me some advice as
to what to do when?  Thanks so much.  And,  Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and
grandmothers out there!!

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