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Babies update 7-14-09

Jul 15, 2009 - 2 comments



pregnant with twins

We went to the doctor's appointment today to see how are twins are doing!! They are still growing and measuring the same!! We have reached our second trimester according to u/s measurements YAY!! Doctor says she is happy that my weight has come down 5 pounds and wants me to now maintain my weight until delivery at 328.8 if not lower. She said also that I can come off my progesterone support on Saturday and to come off my Metformin in two months. My blood pressure was a bit high today of 138/88 this was high for me! She told me to start walking 30 minutes every other day and keep this up until delivery as well. I am also to maintain my healthy diet to make sure we continue to get plenty of vitamins, on top of the prenatals, to the babies. We didn't get a good picture this time because the twins were fighting each other and doctor also said that there is a lot of skin in between the babies and the uterus for her machine to get a good one. We did watch them on the u/s machine for about 20 minutes. She is recommending amneocentesis test in four weeks... Not sure I care to do this one if it is still the needle in the belly and a chance of losing them. To me it doesn't matter I will take whatever God gives me and roll with it. No child is different to me or my husband!! She also told us that she will be sending us to Eugene to see a specialist team there for a better u/s and to get familiar with them since we may end up there for delivery. My doctor has only seen four sets of twins in three years (us being the fourth) and wants only the best of care for us. She still is watching me for now but it is sounding like I will be shifting teams based on the higher risk factors and the fact that this hospital here at home stinks! We continue to hope for the best and take one day at a time :D!! Oh, I almost forgot this... Baby B has a heart rate of 153 and Baby A has a heart rate of 165!!

In love with our little ones and so excited to meet them :D!!!

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916412 tn?1361204986
by scorpiogirl32, Jul 15, 2009
aww im so excited for you im crying(im a big baby lol) when i saw my twins movin around and stuff i fell in love thay are my babies im still in shock but in love im so happy for you.i would not do an amnio unless it was to see lung development at the end. you will love your babies no matter what i would not risk it.  

193609 tn?1292183893
by Cheyenne_08, Jul 29, 2009
I don't know you but wanted to say CONGRATS on the twins :-) I also have PCOS so I feel your pain! Have a great pregnancy!

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