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day 2

Jul 14, 2009 - 0 comments

today, even tho my legs hurt like hell, i pulled through "phase 1", sadly with a couple of interruptions, but i had time this morning for a little gym, so i went on the tread mill and did a couple reps on 2 different weights, for my belly and for the thighs (since those are 2 main parts on my body i can't stand)

for breakfast i had cereal and a banana, then some pasta for lunch (but one of those in a cup that you heat up in the microwave, so i know exactly how much, and it was only 200 cl worth so very little) i also had some prezels, for dinner my boyfriend made grilled chicken and rice and some yogurt

i do feel guilty about the food, even tho it doesn't sound that bad

It's about time!
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