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Perimenopause Blog

May 12, 2008 - 4 comments










I started a blog about some of my perimenopause issues a few months ago and rather than replay it here I'll just put up the address if anyone wants to read or comment on it.

It's been a real eyeopener to be sure.

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by SusanCa, Nov 18, 2008
hello i would really love to read your sure im gonna learn a lot coz right now i have been going through a tough time with all the symptoms im having which i know is related to peremenopausal.  Thank you

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by MenopausalRelief, Oct 17, 2010
Another great resource for menopause information is  It has over 150 articles and audios on the back end of the site for free from over 40 physicians regarding menopause and woman's health.

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by dailycash, Oct 24, 2010
Hi! This will be a great information for some women that's in menopausal stage already, this will be a great help for sure, keep on writing its not only you able to help people but enlighten for those who are confused women.  Keep up the good work.

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by denhamphery, May 12, 2011
great and awesome blog...i am really impressed to see it...
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