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Let the testing begin!

Apr 21, 2014 - 0 comments






(I will be using this to post testing results)

I truthfully don't remember all of the day i started being able to make this sound in my head, i guess i just figured out how to do it, so im guessing that a lot of people cant do it until discovered. i will have to ask a large amount of people about this stuff. from what ive read from peoples posts all over the internet, it seems to become noticed around the beginning  of puberty, i still don't know if it is related though. It seems that people who have this ability find it out otn accident, some find it while on a drug. the location of the sound seems to vary depending on the person. some people can hold it out longer than others, i can personally hold it as long as i want but it takes energy. the location and duration of ability to make the sound seem to have a relation, the people that hear it in the head usually can hold it out longer while people who hear it in the ears seem to only be able to hold it out for 5-10 seconds. for some, playing music seems to disable it, i used to have the same problem, but now that i practice everyday i can make it louder than the music itself. when i do it i seems to be in the center of my brain, i can control the pitch and even make it sound like words. i can do it for long periods of time, i can eliminate large amounts of pain when i get hurt, i can also make it feel like i am stronger, which is probably controlling adrenaline. i have no other news to report this week.

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