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Sudden ankle pain and swelling in right foot & ankle

Jul 16, 2009 - 1 comments










In the last couple of weeks I have suddenly experienced severe pain on the inside part of my ankle which has also swelled to over twice the normal size.  Additionally, both of my feet recently developed a thick callous like coating on both heels and both have a sensation of being on fire in the soles.  Because I have had bilateral knee replacements in the last 5 years and chronic kidney stone production, I am concerned that perhaps there is a relationship between those conditions and the recent development of problems with both feet and the right ankle.  Any one who has had a similar experience would be welcomed to give me some insight as to what may be going on, particularly what cures are available without having to see a dr. first.  I am self insured and my policy is very bare bones.  

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by jbfickle, Jul 16, 2009
With healthcare cost so astronomical right now and the lack of good insurance due to inability to work right now as I care for my elderly parents and husband, I am researching the issue of obtaining good care at a relatively inexpensive cost.  Particularly I am interested in discovering a way of bartering with physicians and diagnostic service providers so that getting the care necessary without delay can occur.  My perspective is that if you get help immediately at the first sign of a health problem, you stand a better chance of resolution and healing with minimal negative consequences such as long drawn out pain issues and/or worsening of symptoms and disorders.  The biggest problem I see, is that people who have modest incomes/retirement pay are falling through the cracks in obtaining good healthcare because the state programs assess that the income is too high, yet in strictly adhering to a budget to pay obligations leaves no wiggle room for the expense of obtaining proper care for any ongoing chronic issues, that's to say nothing of emergencies.  Anyone out there have any creative ideas for dealing with this issue?  IF so, by all means I and probably others are all ears.

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