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Went to hospital with chest pain!

Jul 16, 2009 - 0 comments

After being assesed at the Er I was sent to a cardiologyst who ran several tests.  Only a few have come in, I will share what I have for results maybe you can help me inturperet them.  Urine Leukocyte Positive (I beleive this means white cells in my urine indicating pissible infection) yet in the ER on wednesday (5 days prior) there were no signs of infection.  The urine Hyaline Casts were high at 15-25 and Urine Micro Misc. Mucous Bateria High with a vol.(mL).12
My thyroid T4 Free and TSH are still pending as well as ESR, ANA, Anti-dsDNA,ENA are all pending.  Rheum factor and the complete C3 and C4 are also pending however I have received results of ALK Phos 92      (35-105 U/L)
ALT    23   (<36 U/L)         AST   28     (<36 U/L)        CK  Is    HIGH    161     (< 140  U/L)
I am looking for any answers as my GP's office has called to book an appointment, after he has his holidays, July 27.
Anxiety is NOT something I need more of.  The cardiologyst also had me injected with radio-active die and took pictues of my heart then a stress tesy and then more pictures only to do more xrays and then these blood tests!  I am more than a little worried!

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