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taxoplasmosis of the eye and lupus

Jul 16, 2009 - 0 comments

I have had taxoplasmosis in my eye for many years, possibly since childhood. At least for the last 10 years, but most likely since childhood. Evidently it is exceedingly rare for the infection to become active again after being in a dormant state.  Unless it is in immunocompromised people.  Like someone who has a connective tissue disorder such as lupus (SLE) which I have.  Luckily I have kept good eye appointments due to my type II diabetes and lupus and have had several eye photographs.  When I saw a blind spot in one eye, I immediately called my optomotrist and got in.  Having just had a photograph of my eyes done in December, he was able to see that the infection is once again active and has grown in my right eye and is causing the loss of vision in the one tiny area.  I don't notice it much except when I read.  Luckily I read every day so I noticed that my vision was fine one day and not fine the next.  I also had some soreness in the eye as well.

I am seeing a retinal specialist on Tuesday.  I am a bit freaked out about whether or not they can fix my loss of vision or if it is permanent scarring.  I don't know what they will do.  The optomitrist said they usually do a round of steroids and  antibiotics and possibly laser surgery though it would not get rid of the infection  itself.  I don't want to lose my eye sight in my right eye... if it's maintained at what I've lost now, that I could live with (it's not the central vision, but slightly off to the one side and is only a small circular area, but if I lose anymore I think reading would become very annoying.  And I love to read.

Some days I just wonder what else will go wrong with my body.  Other days I'm glad to be alive and be in the good enough health that I do have.  I mean I'm not  dying of cancer and I can walk around and get around with no probs.  I'm tired a lot from the lupus and  have lots of achy joints, which I live with... but the eye sight... that's a hard one.  

The doc kept assuring me that this has nothing to do with my diabetes, which I have managed to keep exceedingly well under control.  Mostly with diet and also with metformin.  I do not take insulin.  They caught the diabetes when it was borderline.  Actually technically I may not be fully diabetic, but I requested to be put on the medication to manage my glucose levels because without it I would have  become fully diabetic within a few years.  But anyways, I had the taxoplasmosis of the eye well before I had diabetes.

I also evidently have a cataract in the same eye.  It's tiny and most likely related to the taxoplasmosis since it's in the same area.  *sigh*  Again doc swore to me it was not diabetic related since I do worry because cataracts and  glaucoma do occur with diabetic type IIs frequently.  What it boils down to is the eye infection in combination with my lupus which leaves me immunocompromised.

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