New Reports are Awesome!

Jul 16, 2009 - 1 comments

Wtih one click of the mouse I see the devastating effects of eating 3 spareribs for dinner tonight ..LOL!

These new reports are great ... I see my goal, and where I'm at with calories, carbs, protein and Vitimins/Minerals and they really do help me avoid eating the wrong foods!

C's Food Container
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by ParamedFlorena, Jul 17, 2009
I'm liking the whole idea of the tracker. I've always wondered what minreals or vitamins I've had to add to my foods to get a better balance - and lo and behold!!! I see that I have managed to adapt my body to too few calories AND what I should try to change about my way of eating.... Urrr-hmmm, and what I should eat to get more vitamins and minerals. Can it be called a reality-check? lol

Good luck c,")

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