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damage to eyes

Apr 26, 2014 - 0 comments

It takes me so long to do stuff cuz I get distracted and start picking at my eye.oh I should mention I have ADD and take been prescribed adderall since I was in the 5th grade. But my eye picking just started about 3 years ago. (Im26) so I have wrote many posts in different categories. But here is a little more About it.  I was picking at them when I started writing my post n took me and hour just to type that little bit from having to stop and pick. N when I have been picking If I stop for a while my vision gets so blurry from so much of that stringy mucus stiff in corner of my eyes and under both top and bottom eyelids. And I will sit and holds my lids open for hours picking at that stuff it just keeps coming. And I just want it to stop. I'm so afraid of going blind or any damages that I am causing. My eye lids get so stretched n huge from holding them open sometimes my eye ball seems smaller and not the right shape like I'm takking pieces off my eye ball all sorts of stuff happens depending on the severity of it and how long I was going at it. I need some help
But I'm not sure what to do or of I should see therapist or eye doctor.  

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