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The birth of my Prince!  ♥♡♥

Apr 26, 2014 - 0 comments

So happy to announce that my little boy Matej (Mah-tey) has arrived on 26th of April, 4 days before his due date!
I noticed my water breaking and parts of my mucus plug around 3 am,  and contractions started right of,  although light..  I ended up in a hospital by 5 am and contractions got stronger ...I was only 1 cm open, but 100% effaced! They kept telling me to be prepared for an all day delivery, since I'm ftm but i knew they were wrong!  My contractions got closer together and stronger by the hour. After 3 hours I was 4-5 cm open,  and after half an hour 8 cm!  It took about an hour for me to start pushing !
I was so ready for natural birth,  practicing my breathing and so proud of myself that I did it! ! Oh man, it was challenging at times BUT it was so worth it!!
It was tough and I knew that the point where me wanting to take epidural or anything to ease the pain, was almost the end,  soon to be time for pushing! It really helps being mentally prepared and educated on what's going on in there! I managed to stay calm and listen what they were telling me!
He was born at 11.50 am, so 30 minutes of pushing  and he was out,  perfect !! I'm so in love I started crying immediately after he came out! :) Such an amazing experience! !
Ladies,  thank you for your support,  and I hope I helped someone with my responses ....
Everything you go through during the pregnancy will be rewarded with the most beautiful blessing! !
Good luck to you all! ♥

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