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Blind Spot FEAR!!!! :(

Jul 18, 2009 - 1 comments

I had this really weird thing happen me yesterday, i was cooking dinner and out of nowhere i got this REALLY TERRIFYING scary vision problem! over both me eyes was this big blurry stop, i looked it up and think there called "floaters" or something? i could not see anything in one part or my eye, like i had to lie down cos i was panicking a bit and my GF was sitting above me to help me calm down and when i looked at her a certain way i could not see her face or head there was just a body sitting next to me, it really freaked me out or when i passed my hand in front of my face it totally disappeared at about 2 o'clock in my field of vision i just could not see anything there!!! and then when i looked at my GF or my hand directly it was there again! i started to freak out a bit and have a panic attack, after about 20min it went away, it moved up my eye till it was gone! it was very weird, it was like looking into a kaleidoscope but just in one part of my eye! like colors but, like, just in one tiny area and not bright only if i looked at them, i hope im ok and it does not come back again....

God why do these things always happen to me! can i not go for more than a month without getting sick or something bad happen :(

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by Mblanco, Jul 18, 2009
Hey there, ya you are right they are called floaty's, well thats what I call them. I get them all the time, if u don't get enough sleep and do to much physical activity at once you can get them, or if you had previously hit your head. but its almost always related to lack of sleep. I am sure you are ok, but if your really worried go to your eye doctor and ask, it could be a bunch of different things. i'd ask to be sure, good luck.

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