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RK "bullelk"

Jul 19, 2009 - 3 comments

sleep depreviation

sleep results from last night- unstable from late sleeping pill, usaually wears off by afternoon.This is typical for me majority of days. Wish I could get back to normal.
Any ideas out there?

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by Stro512, Jul 19, 2009
Hello. I found something that really helps me get good sleep, some nights it's more effective than others but you might want to try it. It's called "Delta Sleep System" (music) It was developed by a Dr to help put your mind in delta sleep (deep sleep). After 3 nights of insomnia I was a zombie, tired but couldn't fall asleep. I don't even really remember laying down with my laptop playing the "sample" stream on but I guess I was so tired that even the sample, probably no more than 20seconds, put me to sleep.....I have since purchased it off of itunes an it's now on my ipod. I play it every night. For me having the volume way down so I can just hear it works best and I have to be tired and ready to try to sleep. Just listening to it, if your not really tired does no good in relaxing you, you listen and start to think how is this supposed to help? but it was designed for the unconscious mind. If nothing else, try to listen to the sample when your really tired. Hope it helps...Oh I don't recommend the 2.0 version it was way to stimulating. (for me anyway.) Best of luck..Hope you can get some sleep.

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by bullelk, Jul 19, 2009
Would like to know what other people are doing for sleeping problems. Something that one can take anytime and not have a "hang over the next morning and feel good the next day.
Another problem I would like to take care also is some medication that would numb my prostate at night so I wouldnt have to get up so many times at night "to go".
Thank you.
Randall (RK)

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by bullelk, Jul 19, 2009
Thank you Stro512
Something to consider

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