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Day 5

May 02, 2014 - 0 comments

I cant beileve it. I really cant beileve it! Seriously day FIVE!!! yaaaaay! In the 2 and half years of constant opiate indulgence and abuse im on day 5 without them and it feels great just knowing that. This is the longest I've ever gone!

I couldnt have made it this far and done it without the help of MedHelp. Like I was told since day 1 it is a community and we push each other for better to ask of ourselves for more.

At this point the withdrawals have died down, I only experience moderate anxiety sparingly throughout the day. My sleeping habits are improving a great deal. I still crave a pill, wish I had one now, but its not too overbearing when I tunnel my energy to something else. Expressing how I actually do want one helps also, instead of trying to smother the thoughts or keep them a secret. Like, the cravings will be there, you have to accept it to get past it.

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