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My second pregnancy

May 04, 2014 - 0 comments

molar pregnancy




second pregnancy



In feb. I found out I was pregnant. The beginning of march I started bleeding. I went to the er in my town. They did a vaginal ultrasound. Said my hcg was good and i was around 5 weeks and 3 days. They said it was a threatened miscarriage.  I called my doctor. Got in a few days. around 6 weeks. She did a check up. Said it was to soon to try to hear the heart beat. Around 7 to 8 weeks i started bleeding again. I went to the er at the hospital my doctor is at. They said my hcg was good. Cervix was closed, uterus is good. they said it was a threatened miscarriage and to call my doctor. I called my doctor the next day. They said to wait till my doctor app april 28th. Well around 9 weeks to 10 weeks i started having brown blood. then around 11 weeks it started getting very bright. So i called my doctor, and they got me in. They did a ultrasound and said a miscarriage started. They were giving me a week to pass everything. My cervix was still closed, hcg was good. I went home thinking the bleeding i was having because of a miscarriage. A week passed.  12 weeks now.I had to go back to the doctor. When i went back they checked my hcg levels and said they were actually higher. So i was excited. I assumed everything was going good. They did  a vaginal ultrasound to find i had a complete molar pregnancy. They called a specialist in the city that is 3 hours away. Got me an appt to have a d&c the next week. Went the next week for my surgery. Surgery went great. No pain no bleeding. The next 2 days i didn't have any pain and very little bleeding. Saturday and Sunday i had no bleeding. Monday through Wednesday i had heavy bleeding with very big blood clots. HORRIBLE cramping. I seen my regular doctor Thursday for a check up. She said my cervix was good, but my uterus seems enlarged. So the doctor who did the d&c called, told me the warning signs of anemia. If i show signs to call her back. So now for the past two days i've been bleeding brown blood.
I'm supposed to go to my regular doctor every week for weekly blood test. I see the specialist may 12. They did a chest xray after surgery to make sure nothing spread.

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