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Long-distance shower!  My family rocks.

Jul 20, 2009 - 1 comments

My mom and my aunt offered to throw me a shower with all my aunts and cousins (BIG family).  (My whole family lives in western New York state while I live in Western Mass near my DH's family.)  I had originally said maybe I would make the drive out there but then decided I would rather not to the drive at this point (32 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable, and wanting my own bed).  It just seemed like too much to take on.  I was worried they'd be bummed out.  But instead, I get a call from Mom asking if it would be OK if they threw me a shower in my absence and brought the presents to me!!  It is such a wonderful offer, they really understood my situation.  So, in August when DH is away on business my mom and two of my aunts are going to drive out here, stay with me a few days, and bring me my baby gifts.  I'm so excited!

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by AriQueen, Jul 20, 2009
AWWW that's so awesome! That was really sweet of you family to do that. I almost wish they had done the same for me so I won't stress so much. Showers are VERY STRESSFUL, I would have prefer for it to be a surprise to tell you the truth! I could have avoided some of the events that took place this weekened.

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